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The Will Hay Appreciation Society

Will Hay (1888 - 1949) was a British comic actor who toured the music halls of the world with his 'schoolmaster' routine.  In the 1930s he moved into films, starring in classics like 'Oh, Mr. Porter!' (1937), joined by his co-stars Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt.  Hay was also a keen amateur astronomer, a polyglot, a pilot (he taught Amy Johnson to fly) and of course a brilliant comic writer and director.

I founded the Will Hay Appreciation Society in 2009 when writing my university dissertation about Hay and his films.  

The society has since grown to over 9500 members (as of July 2024) and his work is now reaching new generations of fans. The society has hosted several annual 'Hay Day's with members attending from around the world, including Hay's family and the last actor to work with him, the late John Clark (Just William).  


Will Hay was a comic genius, years ahead of his time and we believe that he deserves to be remembered.  


If you'd like to find out more please click the crest to join the Facebook group.

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Our society celebrates all things 'Will Hay' but for most fans it's the appeal of his comedy films that generates the most interest.


Therefore as a photo colouriser I have created a series of prints in colour from Will's films, replica posters and other merchandise.

By purchasing an item from the Will Hay shop you will be added to The Will Hay Appreciation Society mailing list (approx 6 emails per year)  If you'd prefer to be removed from this list please add a note when purchasing, or reply to any email with 'Unsubscribe'.  No customer details are disclosed and no other list members can see individual email addresses.

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