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Animated Scenic Projections: Monty Python's Spamalot

These pythonesque scenic projections were created for Mad Cow Productions' hilarious sell out production of 'Monty Python's Spamalot', at Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn in April 2016.

They are now available for hire for your own production of this fantastic musical from £250 for the complete package.  You can watch all the clips at the bottom of this page.

The following clips were produced, which are the minimum clips required to successfully stage the production.  Clips marked '*' are customisable for an additional fee of £40 per clip.

SPAM01. Audience Holding Screen *

01:59 Designed to loop continuously.  

The official Spamalot logo & rights details. Can be customised for an additional £40, with your production company logo and show sponsors on a loop. 

SPAM02. Portcullis backdrop (with fog)

01.59 Designed to loop continuously.  

Portcullis backdrop with fog, changing colour slightly on a loop.

SPAM03. Historian's Intro (black death/image of Arthur appearing) *


England 932AD on black screen.  Map of medieval England.  Black areas appear with 'skull & crossbones' in order they are mentioned in script.  Angels lift portrait of Arthur in frame.  Can be customised for an additional £40, with a photo of your Arthur actor in the frame instead.

SPAM 04. Finale Act 1 (Run Away!)


Castle on a hill, gradually moves into distance as various animals fly from it.  French flag rises and 'Intermission' fills the screen.  Large wooden rabbit flies into shot and crash lands.  Debris settles and the screen stays for an additional 10 seconds.  Includes audio.


SPAM 05. Star of David (Broadway song)


Star studded with flashing lights.  Spins slowly and changes colour.  Light flashes vary throughout.  Designed for last verse of 'Broadway' song.


The footage/audio contained on the purchased data disc is © Tom Marshall (PhotograFix) 2016.  No unauthorised copying, lending or hire is permitted.  The footage /audio may be used for one production only (MAXIMUM 14 public performances) plus non-public rehearsals if required.


The following must be included in the show programme: 
'Animated Scenic Projections supplied by Tom Marshall (PhotograFix)'

The physical set and props for Spamalot are available to hire from Little Shop of Hires here.

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