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Many people have photo albums full of black and white pictures of friends and family that really don't do justice to the stories that they have to tell. ​ Up until the early 1950s, colour film was a luxury and was not available or affordable to most people, meaning that the majority of photos taken over forty years ago are in black and white or sepia.


At PhotograFix I can turn your treasured sepia and monochrome photographs into beautiful, colourful works of art through digital colourising, ideal as presents for friends and family, or just as a record to keep on display for future generations.


I always try my best to get specific details right, based on your requests, but if you don't know exact colours don't worry, I will always use my best judgement and all photographs are fully researched for historical accuracy where possible.


I have colourised photos for museums, publishers and exhibitions worldwide, and for more examples of my public work, please see my portfolio and blog.

Men of the Windrush Generation, 1948

Le Drapage du Corsage at the House of Worth, Paris, 1907

Drury Hill, Nottingham, 1906

Prohibition, 1922

SS Lusitania, 1915 

Teesdale Garage, Nottingham, 1930s

Girl in the Blitz, 1941 

Indian Wedding, 1963

Tyneside Shipwrights, 1943

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