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Frequently Asked Questions



This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you have any questions please look down this list as a guide.  If your query isn't answered please feel free to contact me.


Q. How much does it cost?


Restoration and colourising projects are graded depending on damage/work required.  Please see prices.



Q. How long will it take?


The is dependent on my workload. I will always aim to turn around an order within six weeks of receiving the image(s).  In the event that I have a particularly heavy workload, this period may increase but I will always inform the customer if I think the work may take longer.  If you require a faster turnaround (e.g. if you've forgotten it's your Mum's birthday at the weekend!) please let me know and I will try my best to complete in time for your deadline.



Q. What if the photo needs tweaks once it's been edited?


I will send you a low resolution proof once the work has been edited.  This will be your chance to request any changes (within reason).  I will not change everything completely if I have followed your original brief, but I am happy to change details such as slight colour changes etc.  I will then send a second proof for approval.



Q. Can I order prints of the photo(s)?


Yes.  Print prices are listed here.  This is in addition to the charge of any editing service.



Q. Can I order digital copies of the photo(s)?


You will be provided with a digital copy sent via email.  This is included with all colourised/restored photos and will be sent in JPEG format.



Q. Do I need to give you the original photo for editing, or will a digital copy suffice?


No, a digital copy is fine, provided the resolution is good enough quality.  If you only want the image printing at a small size then a small resolution will often be OK.



Q. I am an overseas customer (Outside UK) How much does postage cost?


Worldwide postage is available and rates will vary based on your country.  Please contact me and I will quote you for the postage cost, based on the number and size of copies required.  



Q. Can you colour a photo?


Yes.  Both black & white and sepia photos can be colourised.  Please click here for more details.



Q. Can you open somebody's eyes in a photo?


Only if I have another photo of the person's eyes open to work from.  The eyes are the first place we look on any picture so it's very difficult to make it look right if it's created from scratch.  If you have another photo of the subject with open eyes I will assess the situation and see what I can do for you.



Q. Can you remove somebody from a photo?


Yes.  It's easy to remove someone from the background, but a bigger job to remove somebody from the foreground.  It is usually possible though and I will quote based on the photo.



Q. Can you add somebody to a photo?


​Yes - to an extent.  Much depends on the angles, lighting and quality of the two photos. Again, I will quote based on the photo.



Q. Can you fix a blurred or out of focus photo?


No.  If it is obviously out of focus it cannot be refocused, although often some images can be sharpened slightly.



Q. Can you fix an overexposed or underexposed photo?


Yes normally.  If you can see details in the brighter/darker sections of the photo then we can adjust the exposure to an extent but it may not be fully possible to recover the image completely.  Often these images need rebuilding and colourising from scratch.


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