Ripped, scratched, faded, water damaged, mouldy, burnt or even eaten - a photo can go through so much destruction in it's lifetime that it might seem impossible to restore it back to its former glory, but at PhotograFix I love a challenge! 


Whether it's an individual scratched picture that you'd like restoring as a gift or a whole album of photos that have been water damaged, modern digital techniques ensure that if it is a fixable problem, I will be able to fix it.


Simple restoration starts at £15.00 per image.  See prices for more details.

I have an extensive library of photographs to draw upon from the past 150 years, which allows me to rebuild missing or faded sections of photos and match the surroundings and backgrounds, to ensure a realistic finish.


When colour film became more widespread in the 1960s and 1970s, the quality of photo prints often suffered, which is why many photos from the past 40 years have fared worse than their black and white ancestors.  


Using a combination of restoration and colourising, I am able to bring these colour photos back up to scratch.

PhotograFix is the trading name of Tom Marshall B.A (Hons)

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