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'Their home on the Somme.'


Two officers looking out of a small shelter they appear to have made for themselves. It seems to have been made of a mixture of corrugated iron, wood and canvas or tar-paper. As it is built above ground, this must have been well away from the front-line trenches.


This is one of a number of photographs which illustrate the degree to which shelter was left to the individual soldier. For officers this was, however, relieved by their greater freedom off-duty to go to nearby towns and villages, or on longer leave to visit Paris. When billets were available in civilian houses, officers again had the better conditions.


High quality glossy print. Frame not included.  30% of all profits go to Alzheimers Society.

� Colourised by Tom Marshall at PhotograFix. All Rights Reserved.

Somme 1916: Their Home on the Somme

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