R Holloway, Dealer in Marine Stores on the junction of Steep Street and Trenchard Street, Bristol, United Kingdom, 1866.This photograph was taken by John Hill Morgan, 5 years before Steep Street was demolished and replaced by a realigned road, Colston Street.This would have been a rag and bone shop, in the original sense of the term, with bones being used for knife handles, toys and ornaments, and the grease (once boiled) for soap making. A sign can be seen in the window stating 'hair bought' which suggests this shop was in one of the poorer parts of the city.Steep Street existed in the medieval period when it was the main road from the centre of Bristol to Gloucester. This photograph was published in 1891 as a nostalgic view by Bristol art publishers and print sellers Frost & Reed. A limited run of 100 prints was produced and the negative destroyed.


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Rag n Bone Shop, Bristol 1866