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Mugshot of Herbert Ellis, taken in Sydney, Australia, c1920. This is one of a series of photos taken at the Central Police Station in Sydney of men and women shortly after arrest.

"The precise circumstances surrounding this picture are unknown, but Ellis is found in numerous police records of the 1910s, 20s and 30s. He is variously listed as a housebreaker, a shop breaker, a safe breaker, a receiver and a suspected person. 

A considerably less self-assured Ellis appears in the NSW Criminal Register of 29 August 1934 (no. 206). His convictions by then include �goods in custody, indecent langauge, stealing, eceiving and throwing a missile.� His MO includes the entry 'seldom engages in crime in company, but possessing a most villainous character, he influences associates to commit robberies, and he arranges for the disposal of the proceeds.� 

It adds that he has the nicknames 'Curley� - his hair is thinning - and 'Deafy�, as he is by then quite deaf. He is seen leaning heavily on a walking stick in the later image"


High quality glossy print. Frame not included. Depending on size chosen, some parts of image shown may be cropped.

� Colourised by Tom Marshall at PhotograFix. All Rights Reserved.

Mugshot of Herbert Ellis

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