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Auction & Negro Sales, Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 1864. It was captured by George N. Barnard, the official photographer of the Chief Engineer's Office, during the Union occupation of Georgia. When in use, the auction house would have seen enslaved Africans inspected for sale, poked, prodded and forced to open their mouths for the buyers.


The auctioneer would decide a price to start the bidding. It would be higher for young enslaved people and lower for older, very young or sickly enslaved people. Buyers would bid against each other, and sold to the person who bid the most money.


High quality glossy print. Frame not included. Depending on size chosen, some parts of image shown may be cropped.

© Colourised by Tom Marshall (PhotograFix).  All Rights Reserved.

Auction & Negro Sales, Atlanta, Georgia, 1864 - Colourised Print

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