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  • Tom Marshall

Nottingham's Past in Colour

This series of photos shows Nottingham's past throughout the past 150 years.

The first image shows the Teesdale Garage, Hucknall Road, Nottingham. The garage has since moved premises and this building has been knocked down, but the same family runs it, and they now have a copy of my colourised photo up on their office wall.

The next image shows West Bridgford UDC double decker bus passing down Carrington Street, Nottingham in the early 1960s. This entire section of the street was demolished a few years later to make way for the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, which incidentally is where Dukki's shop is housed.

Below is a 1903 view of St Ann's, Nottingham, that is unrecognisable today.

A Nottingham Corporation Tramways tram passes the Wesleyan Church on St. Ann's Well Road and a local farmer herds his sheep through the town as a delivery boy from the Lace Market passes in the foreground.

This imposing structure was designed by Rutland born architect Albert Lambert who was also behind the impressive Nottingham Albert Hall and Nottingham Victoria railway station. The church is no longer standing as it was largely destroyed by fire on the evening of 8 May 1941 following a Luftwaffe bombing raid on Nottingham and Derby.

Only a couple of years later in 1906, this image of Drury Hill was taken. This picturesque street once stood where the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre is today. The lane was only 4ft 10 inches wide at its narrowest point. The street was completely demolised in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Further back in time still, this photo was taken of Navvies having their breakfast in a demolished cellar, during the building of the Nottingham Victoria Railway Station, c1897.

The two men would probably have worked for Logan & Hemingway, the contractor responsible for building this section of the Great Central Railway's 'London Extension', which ran between London and North Nottinghamshire until the 1960s.

Finally we see the other end of Nottingham Victoria Station's life, nearing the end in 1962. This view was southwards, towards Parliament Street Bridge and tunnel. The station was closed in 1967 and the entire building (minus the iconic clock tower) was demolished and the Victoria Centre built in it's place.

A Down Class E freight pounds out on the Down Through, headed by BR Standard 9F 2-10-0 No. 92011, while on the Up line new English-Electric Type 3 Co-Co Diesel No. D6753 leaves on the 10.08 York to Bournemouth express (Original image © Ben Brooksbank 1962.)

All colourised images © Tom Marshall (PhotograFix) 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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