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Wooden sign, inspired by Harbottle's shop in the Will Hay film 'Ask A Policeman?' (1939), brand new from the Will Hay Appreciation Society.


These signs are made from oak faced MDF and measure approx 280mm x 80mm (11" x 3"), and 4mm thick.  They come with 4 holes, suitable for screw fixing or hanging with string*.


They can be used outside but if varnished first.  Made in Nottingham.


*Screws & string not included.


This is one of 6 designs, so please check out the other items.


20% of all profits go to MNDA.


© Artwork Tom Marshall (PhotograFix) 2018

Will Hay - 'J Harbottle General Stores' Oak Wood Sign - Moore Marriott

£12.00 Regular Price
£9.00Sale Price