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No. 4 Company Welsh Guards, during the attack on Cagny, July 1944. The Company Commander, Maj J. D. A. Syrett, is seen indicating a mortar target to Sgt Vessey. Gdsm Kitchen is in the foreground and Gdsm Fenwick is the Bren gunner. Major Syrett was killed a few days later.
This image was produced for the Welsh Guards Book 'Bearskins Bayonets and Body Armour', and 50% of the profits from sales of this print will be donated to the Welsh Guards Charity which provides welfare and financial support to Welsh Guardsmen and families in need.  High quality glossy print.  Frame not included.
� Colourised by Tom Marshall at PhotograFix.  All Rights Reserved.

Welsh Guards Attack Cagny, 1944 (50% to Charity)

PriceFrom £5.00
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