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This item will be produced to order.  As each product takes a long time to produce, orders may not be fulfilled until for up to 6-8 weeks after the order date.  Hand painted orders will take longer than unpainted orders.  Please bear this in mind before ordering.


Ollie is a highly detailed resin character figure, available in five different poses and in the following scales from smallest to largest.  The approximate height of a standing figure (to top of hat) is shown below.


1:160 US N Gauge - 11.5mm tall (0.45 in)

1:148 N Gauge - 12.5mm tall (0.49 in)

1:120 TT Scale - 15.5mm tall (0.61 in)

1:101.6 British TT - 18.5mm tall (0.72 in)

1:87 HO Gauge - 21mm tall (0.82 in)

1:76 OO Gauge - 24.5mm tall (0.96 in)

1:72 Scale - 26mm tall (1.02 in)

1:64 S Scale - 29mm tall (1.14 in)

1:56 28mm Scale - 33mm tall (1.29 in)

1:48 US O Gauge -38.5mm tall (1.51 in)

1:43.5 O Gauge - 43mm tall (1.69 in)

1:35 Scale - 53mm tall (2.08 in)

1:32 Gauge 1 - 58mm tall (2.28 in)

1:30 Scale - 62mm tall (2.44 in)

1:29 Scale - 64mm tall (2.51 in)

1:24 Scale - 77mm tall (3.03 in)

1:22.5 G Scale - 82mm tall (3.22 in)

1:20 Fn3 Scale - 92.5mm tall (3.64 in)

1:19 16mm Scale - 97mm tall (3.81 in)

1:12 Dolls House Scale - 154mm tall (6.06 in)


  • 3D designed from scratch using images from the films of Laurel and Hardy as reference.
  • Highly detailed 3D resin prints.
  • Available in 5 different poses.
  • Available unpainted or hand painted.


Stan is available here and the music box piano & crate are available here.  The S. Laurel railway wagon is available in 1:76 scale only here.


Please note due to the nature of 3D printing some details will only be visible on larger scale models.  Colours and finish will vary as each figure is painted by hand.  Some unpainted models may have flashing/support sprues, which can be removed using a sharp blade.  Figures may not stand upright unsupported so tacky wax, black tack or double sided sticky tape is recommended.


All designs are © Tom Marshall (PhotograFix) 2023.  Please see the other figures available.

Ollie (Oliver Hardy) Model Figure - Model Railway/Diorama Character

PriceFrom £5.00
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