A brand new 00 Gauge (1:76 scale) limited edition Dapol truck /wagon, depicting 'Buggleskelly Lime Company Ltd' from the 1937 Will Hay comedy 'Oh, Mr. Porter!'.


Lime is a key ingredient in society and is used in the buildings, chemical and agricultural industries. Vast amounts of Lime where once transported across the country in Lime wagons with their roof and side doors which aided the easy loading and unloading of the bagged lime.


Designed by TImothy Oaks.


High quality plastic detail

Dapol NEM Couplings

Metal wheels

Made in the UK


New and boxed, made in Wales by Dapol Ltd.  This website is the first stop to get hold of these wagons.


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Buggleskelly Lime Company Ltd - Oh Mr Porter! (Will Hay) - OO Gauge Wagon Van